About Us

When it comes to Internet security and privacy, there is no better choice in the online industry than Goldy VPN!

From the moment we founded our company, we are doing our best to keep your data safe and ensure your maximum online protection. Our services are based on the most advanced encryption technology and the fastest connectivity. Our high-speed servers are located around the globe, offering you the top level of VPN service reliability.

We understand that earning your trust is not easy and we have invested a lot of effort to become a highly reliable VPN service provider.

Those of you seeking anonymity and web freedom are at the right place. Goldy VPN brings an easiness of use since you just have to log into your account by using a password and username, with no extra equipment needed and no expert knowledge necessary.

Goldy is working hard to create tools that efficiently protect your privacy and security!

Your VPN account gives you a rock-solid layer of protection that you have never had before. Surfing without a trace, privately browsing the web or conducting business online has never been easier. Our servers are here to guard you on the Internet and hide your actual location.

Our professional team is made up of IT experts and highly experienced staff, at your disposal 24/7/365!

We have a very clear mission – to protect the incoming and outgoing traffic of our clients and to keep their Internet connection anonymous and safe in every moment. Every VPN user can conceal his identity, access blocked content and enjoy full protection on the web.

Goldy delivers first-class VPN services by applying efficient and reliable security methods and preventing cyber intrusions and frauds!

Our genuine goal is to make the perfect balance between the price and the quality of our services so as to keep our customers satisfied. Fulfilling your needs is our top priority and we constantly strive to offer VPN packages that can suit your demands in every aspect.